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Friday August 26, 2016


Member since: November 1, 2006
Last visit: July 20, 2010
Name: Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Location: V*ToWn (Illinois)
Country: United States
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Song: Ba Bump
Fav. Video: My Humps
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aol_id: lil_track_chic20

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A Dream

category: Anything | May 19 | @133 | comments comments(5)

Once upon a time a single man had a dream Everybody got a long, and every person was free One day things would change, one day they would all unite One day they’d set aside their skin and end the racial fight What happened to this dream, that this young mad once had Instead of working things out, we hurt others when were mad This is a war we’re living and its impossible to end Unless we put aside our differences and become each other’s friend. So tell me what is so different, about these other races I must be color blind, because all I see are faces Faces of these people of whom which have been neglected I promise they are not a flu,...

Peace as we know it
category: Politics
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added on: 05/18 @183
UNITED states of america
category: Positivity
comments comments(1)
added on: 03/03 @250
An Unheard Cry
category: Life
comments comments(3)
added on: 03/01 @311


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I LOOOVE Coldstone :)

I LOOOVE Coldstone :)

Published on: 12/21/2009

Hand Off

Hand Off

Published on: 12/21/2009

High School track awards

High School track awards

Published on: 12/21/2009

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10/28/11 @981
ha-pea bithdaaay peabody
07/09/10 @784
Hey Rose..
Remember me?
Missed talking with you..
How r you?? :)
07/14/09 @785
Hey weve got the same name!
01/19/09 @951
RoseRoseRose! I miss youuu :( Lol
11/29/08 @000
Where is Rose??
10/20/08 @391
Hello Rose...How are you?

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The name is Rose!

HEY! sorry guys, i got a lil tired of my profile message-just thought id put it more up-to-date for your viewing sakes. My name is Rose Sanders, i am from a hicktown called Virden, Illinois. I luv track-it is my passion- and i will be competing in track at a college level next year at Monmouth College. It is a private college which means obviously not every one can attend-thankfully- for the fact that it lowers the student/faculty ratio to 18:1 (more one on one time! yay!) For those of you who dont know me, im also a model in my spare time..right now i am taking a break from photo shoots and what in order to finish high school. I did turn down an agency just a few months ago only for the fact that i want to go to college to continue my education...i still do the pictures and everything and my good friend and modeling agent, Dwight Agnor, gave me an agency directory for whenever i feel like starting up again (probably during the summer sometime!!) lol...umm I am some one who will speak their mind w/o a care of what some body is going to say about me. If some one were to make fun of me, i will just laugh knowing they are only ashamed of them selves. In other words-words dont hurt me. Im really big on politics and racial topics. I write a lot of poems to describe how i am feeling or what i have on my mind at that particular moment. Some times i feel i want people to read what i have wrote-other times not so much. Maybe you'll agree with my way of life and maybe you wont. We might be two completely opposite people; however, we do have one thing in common... THE BLACK EYED PEAS! woot woot! -lol-


Emma and Rose the crazy two
Drinking lots of Pepsi only creates trips to the loo!!!
Both hyped up and rearing to go,
“But wait we’re stuck its Started to snow”
They went to the fridge to grab another Pepsi
Knowing full well they both Started to feel tipsy
Shocked and horrified by what they saw.
Me with a can of coke, as I began to pour.

Pepsi is out and coke is in.
That’s why I sat there with a really big grin.
Rose looked at Emma as Emma looked at Rose
As they didn’t know what to do so they both froze.
I said “come on you know it makes sense, have a taste
This Pepsi stuff you drink is only going to waste”
As the coke touched their lip,
oh so refreshing they took another sip.

Within a matter of seconds the coke had gone
Emma and Rose then burst out into song.
I knew they secretly loved coke
And this whole Pepsi thing was just a big joke.

Poem by: Andy

^^ Andy lies tho. emma and i would never be caught dead drinking coke. icky. bleh. / AM / i / UMG
Produced by Brothers in art